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LIVE Celebrating 500 Subscribers! – Silver Spoon Service ASMR


Hi, I’m Olivia and this is my Silver Spoon Service ASMR. Wear earphones and TURN ON SUBTITLES in your language for the best experience. If you enjoy this please SUBSCRIBE 🔔 like 👍 and comment 💬 TIMESTAMPS below👇 I hope you enjoy this LIVE episode celebrating 500 subscribers with your requests!!!

I have simply gone with the automatically created subtitles and auto translations as this is such a long live, so I apologise if there are any errors on them.

Also created as promised, here is my Favourite Mukbang Playlist – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNMT1LsllRWdKvYXGJ_l5CZkgfc5bDtcz

As well as my Favourite ASMR Playlist – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNMT1LsllRWetX5jXfZIQLCtEVTa2evpA

Let me know if there are any videos you think I should add to either of these playlist.

Thank you so much all of you who have newly subscribed to my channel and those of you have remained subscribed and continue to actively support my channel. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I wouldn’t have gotten here without you and am so grateful for your continued support. 

00:00 – Setting up
01:52 – Tapping text on mobile
02:04 – Intro
03:54 – Opening/prepping tempura udon noodles
06:32 – Pouring hot water onto noodles
06:48 – Unboxing wooden cutlery set
08:40 – Ramune lychee soda (opening and pouring)
11:18 – Adding final seasoning to noodles
14:22 – Sneak peak at macarons
16:17 – Noodles ready, eating starts
41:58 – Want Want Senbei rice crackers
45:45 – Prepared broad beans
48:51 – Hair
49:07 – Macarons from Ladurée (unboxing and eating)
1:06:46 – Crepe cake from Sakurado (unboxing and eating)
1:21:36 – Slime
1:36:30 – Paper sorting and ripping
2:07:49 – Old cloth ripping
2:14:26 – Paper sorting and ripping
2:49:36 – Ice cream treats time!
2:49 33 – Little Moons ice cream mochi honey roasted pistachio (unboxing)
2:50:30 – Little Moons ice cream mochi passionfruit and mango #vegan (unboxing)
2:51:23 – Oreo ice cream sandwich (unboxing)
2:53:34 – Oreo ice cream sandwich (Unwrapping and eating)
2:57:04 – Little Moons ice cream mochi (slicing and eating)
3:04:04 – Zips on leather jacket
3:07:20 – Xylitol pink mint chewing gum
3:08:30 – Goodbye Skaby
3:09:03 – Outro

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