#Low_Protein_Diet – #Protein_Diet for Kidney Patient – Low Protein #Renal_Diet – Low Protein #Foods_Diet

#Kidney_patients need to make necessary changes in their #diet to #reduce the overall pressure from their kidneys. There are many compounds such as #potassium, #phosphorus, #calcium, #sodium, which are a part of our daily diet but can put pressure on the #damaged kidneys of a #patient. #Protein is one such compound or #nutrient which is found in many #food items. In the above video, we explained why #kidney_failure patients are advised to consume a low protein diet. The above video also explains a #healthy low protein diet for kidney patients as well.

At the stage of kidney failure, damaged kidneys are not able to manage the level of different compounds. This is the reason why kidney patients are advised to consume everything in the limit. Kidney patients are advised to #avoid_pulses, beans as it contains a high amount of protein. Here are some protein diet-related facts for kidney failure patients:

• Kidney patients can consume #chicken but in less quantity. Such patients are advised to eat home-cooked chicken as a street chicken is found to be rich in #sodium.

• Kidney failure patient can only eat #egg white only after the advice of their #doctor.

• Kidney failure patients should also consume #cottage #cheese in less quantity because it is a rich source of both protein and #potassium.

• Kidney patients can consume #curd as it is a good source of #healthy_protein.

Every kidney failure patient needs to discuss the #right_kidney_diet with their doctor. #Ayurveda states it clearly that the #right_diet can be the solution for many #health-associated complications. At #Karma_Ayurveda, #Dr._Puneet_Dhawan provides the kidney patients with an adequate diet plan along with ayurvedic #kidney_disease #treatment which includes natural herbs such as punarnava, kaasni, Varun, etc. This herb helps to heal the occurred damage inside kidneys and hence work to recover the affected #functions of kidneys. So, if you are looking for an ideal solution to kidney failure for yourself or any of your loved ones than Dr. Puneet Dhawan can help you adequately.

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