The sea is one, and the Mediterranean Sea is filled with important straits.

In this video, I locate ten important Mediterranean Straits and talk you through points of geographical, historical, geopolitical, legal, and navigational interest. Do you like maps? Subscribe to my channel for more geographical content!

00:00 Intro
00:38 Straits of Gibraltar
01:25 Transit Passage, Explained
04:13 Strait of Bonifacio
04:42 Strait of Messina
05:04 Innocent Passage, Explained
05:57 Strait of Otranto
06:43 Straits of Corfu
08:30 Strait of Rion
09:12 Isthmus of Corinth (not a strait but whatever)
10:11 Straits of Salamis
10:57 Euripus Strait
12:17 Dardanelles
13:01 Bosporus
16:10 Straits of Tiran (not Mediterranean but whatever)

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Sea Power (Stavridis, 2017)

The navigational website I used for the nautical maps:



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