Minecraft: My Friends Killed my Fox, so I made a WARDEN ARMY
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In our videos, we feature Minecraft Challenges for videos about Minecraft Gameplay with 100 players, as well as our own Minecraft gameplay experiments and fun ideas. We also do things like Minecraft Manhunt, Minecraft Survival Challenges , and Minecraft Hardcore 100 Day Survivals. We often like to feature things based around people like Dream, GeorgenotFound, SapNap, Badboyhalo, Antfrost, TommyInnit, Mr.Beast and Technoblade in our videos, as we love those people and we want to contribute to their communities! We also make Minecraft Revenge videos similar to AJtheBold.We hope you can enjoy our minecraft videos, and if you want to participate in some of these videos, make sure to join our Minecraft Curios discord at the link above!



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