Today, we show how to make delicious nougat wafers. This is a unique homemade recipe. We hope you enjoy. Tune in next time for more delicious recipes.

– 4 ½ cups of roasted almonds
– 35 oz Mini Marshmallows (3 ½ bags of Mini Marshmallows, each bag weighs 10 oz)
– ½ cup of unsalted butter
– 4 oz of Baker’s white chocolate
– 1 teaspoon of grinded mastic
– ¾ tablespoon grinded cardamom
– Wafer Sheets

1. If you don’t have almonds that are already toasted, then preheat your oven to 200 degrees, and toast your almonds for 20-30 mins until they are light/golden. Make sure to mix your almonds up every 5 minutes.
2. Place wax paper in your pan (17 x 12 inches) and then place your wafer sheets in it.
3. Next, place your marshmallows, butter, and white chocolate on the stove on low heat, and constantly mix until they melt completely.
4. Next, sprinkle your cardamom, mastic, and toasted almonds onto the mixture.
5. After your mixture is completely melted and lump free, pour it onto the wafer sheets in your pan. Make sure to spread the mixture around quickly and evenly over the wafer sheets before it starts to dry.
6. Next, place more wafer sheets over the mixture and press down lightly.
7. You may leave the nougat to dry on its own or place it in the fridge for at least 8 hours before cutting. When cutting, use a sharp knife. This will make about 50 pieces. Enjoy.



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