Oreo Pudding Cake

9 x 13 Baking Dish

1 Pkg Oreo Cookies
1/2 C Butter – melted
2 Pkgs Instant Chocolate Pudding
3 1/4 C Milk
2 – 8 oz Cool Whip
8 oz Cream Cheese – softened
1 tsp Vanilla
1 C Powdered Sugar

In zip lock bag crush Oreo’s into small chunks & crumbs. – Set aside 1 c of crumbs for topping.

Pour butter over cookies and mix well, press into bottom of baking dish and set aside.

In medium bowl add pudding mix and milk, whisk until smooth. Place in fridge to set.

In medium bowl add cream cheese, vanilla & powdered sugar, mix until smooth. Add 8 oz cool whip and mix until well blended. Spread ream cheese mixture over cookie’s evenly. Pour pudding on top and spread evenly. Spread remaining tub of cool whip evenly and top with reserved cookies. Place back in refrigerator to set for at lest 2 1/2 hours.

Music: Red Eye By E’s Jammy Jams

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