Perfect Kulkul recipe| Kalkals | Kidiyos | Kidyos | Goan Christmas Sweets | Goan Kuswar recipes Kulkul | Kalkals | Kulkuls with prefect measurements | Goan Christmas Sweets | Kuswar recipes#kulkuls #kormolas #goanchristmassweets Kulkul Recipe | Kalkals | Goan Christmas Sweets | Kuswar Recipes | Kormolas | Kulkuls | Kidyos Learn how to make Kulkuls at home. It is a lot easier than it seems. In this video, I show you different options to shape the kulkuls and tips and tricks. Kulkul Recipe | Kalkals | Goan Christmas Sweets | Kuswar Recipes | Kormolas | Kulkuls | Kidyos | Goan Sweets | Christmas Sweets Recipes | Goan Food Recipes | Kidiyos | Goan Recipes | Christmas Recipes | Snacks Recipe. Kulkuls or Kalkals are cute, curly, sweet bites, fried until golden brown. Crispy on the outside but very soft & moist inside. Kulkuls that just melt in your mouth. Pure Ghee & Coconut milk make these Kulkuls extra flavourful & simply irresistible! It’s a must have in the festive season. kulkul recipe,kulkuls recipe,sweet kulkuls recipe,konkan kulkuls recipe,goan kulkuls recipe,mangalore kulkuls recipe,kalkal recipe,kul kul,कलकल,crunchy kulkuls,snacks recipe,christmas kulkul recipe,kalkal recipe with semolina,kulkul recipe with egg,kulkul recipe video,kulkul recipe goan,easy kulkul recipe,christmas recipe,christmas,christmas sweets,kal kal,goan recipes,kuswar,kuswar recipe,goan christmas recipes,kormolas,goan kuswar,kidyos,kidiyos,recipe,recipes,goan recipes,indian recipes,kuswar,kuswar recipe,christmas,christmas recipes,goan christmas recipes,kulkuls,kulkuls recipe,the aspiring home cook recipes,homemade christmas,the aspiring home cook,learn to cook,learn to make christmas sweets,christmas sweets,how to shape kulkuls,how to make kulkuls,kulkul,kulkuls,sweets,sweet,food,recipe,kalkal,crunchy sweet,snack,traditional goan recipe,christmas,christmas time snack,sugar curls,goan snack,goan sweet,christmas sweet
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285 gms all purpose flour
2 tablespoon ghee
60 gms powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
120 mL room temperature milk