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Protein is not the enemy. In fact, Dr. Naiman says it’s hard to imagine anyone eating too much protein.

What about longevity, mTOR, and gluconeogenesis? Dr. Naiman says there is no evidence to suggest that these are concerns on a well formulated low-carb, high-protein diet. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — he believes we need to worry about the risks of too little protein in our diets.

In addition, I think you’ll enjoy hearing about Dr. Naiman’s passion for efficient exercise. Although we may not all end up with his impressive physique after just 15 minutes of exercise, he shares his approach to helping his patients adopt a short, healthy life-long exercise routine.

Dr. Naiman’s experience may not match the classic LCHF approach, but he sees success with his patients and wants to share that message.

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