Hi today I am sharing with you quick and easy breakfast/Dinner recipe for weight loss, it is high protein high fiber weight loss recipe. This are vegetable cutlet recipe, made from lots of vegetables and oats. In single cutlet will get 50 calories and proteins 1.84g, very healthy and highly nutritious recipe. You can add these cutlets in your weight loss diet plan during breakfast or dinner or as a snack. This is a quick and easy breakfast/Dinner recipe for weight loss. You can give these cutlets to kids also. They will also love it.
Even this quick and easy breakfast /dinner recipe for weight loss can also take who has issues of pcod/pcos, thyroid,high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. As we know these cutlets are loaded with fiber also.
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Oats Vegetable tikka
Serving-6 vegetable tikka, cooking time-15 min
1. Oats-50g (1/2 cup)
2. Pumpkin-50g
3. Carrot-40g
4. Green peas-40g
5. Onion-40g (1 medium size)
6. Garlic-5g
7. Ginger-4g
8. Coriander leaves-10g
9. Salt- as per taste
10. Ajwain (carom seeds)-1/2 tsp
11. Green chili-as per taste
12. Jeera-1/2 tsp
13. Oil- for grassing

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