#churma #rajasthanichurma

Rajasthani #churma is a sweetdish mainly served with daal and baati which is also a rajasthani dish. This dish is also prepared in hanuman jayanti and many other fevstivals in india. Its rich in protien and other vitamins too and its made with flour and dry fruits and ghee.

1. Wheat Flour
2. 1/4th cup gond
3. elaichi powder
4. 1/2 cup ghee
5. 1 cup sugar
6. Grated almonds

STEP 1:- First take flour, add elaichi powder,1/2 cup ghee, and knead properly as shown in the video, the kneading should be bit tight, now make shape of the dough with hands

STEP 2:- Now heat ghee in a pan and fry in low flame all the shaped dough ,
after its reddish brown strain it and then when its cold break all the fried dough into pieces, Now grind the pieces of fried dough in a blender.

STEP 3:- Now in the left ghee add 1/4th cup of gond and fry
now take the blended dough in a bowl, add powdered sugar, add fried gond , add grated almonds and mix all the ingredients nicely and the dish is ready to be served

Garnish it with grated almonds or any dry fruit of your desire. Thank You



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