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Start your day with fresh smoothies. You just need to blend the living ingredients and drink it without sieving it.

For breakfast I recommend to keep it super healthy. You want to start your day feeling amazing, right?

A healthy breakfast smoothie needs protein and vegetables but it should also taste delicious, right?

Use yogurt or nuts as protein depending on if you have to watch your calories, need more or less fat in your diet or are sensitive to either nuts or dairy.

Use at least 1 vegetable to make it healthy and 1-2 fruits to make it yummy.

The combination possibilities are endless..

That’s it. Super simple.

Here I have made three smoothies
1.Tropical green smoothies which is a combination of spinach,cucumber,coconut water,apple( you can take green apple)
2.Powerful red smoothies which is a combination of carrot, beetroot, ginger and green tomato
3.Sweet and tangy smoothies which is combination of banana for sweetness and black grapes for tanginess

Improve your beauty,health and stay away from fats and diseases
Energy Boosting Bars –https://youtu.be/ABm-NcdwJ24

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