Seafood Okra Soup Recipe: Oil Free Seafood Okra Soup/Nigerian Gumbo

This seafood okra soup recipe is the healthiest so far; It is the Nigerian okra gumbo with shrimps and other seafood. It is very easy to make and you can enjoy it with your favorite swallow (starchy bolus).

There are different seafood that go well with okra soup, for instance, you can make your okra soup with crab, shrimp (okra soup with shrimp) or with fresh fish (okra soup with fish). However, if you have all of this seafood, you can combine all to make this easy draw soup. Any kind of fish can be used to make okra soup this depends on what you have in your fridge. In fact, just feel free to add other seafood if you have them at your reach.

This okra recipe is easy and versatile soup; it goes well with pounded yam (okra soup wand pounded yam), garri (okra soup and garri) or fufu (okra soup and fufu). If you can’t get ugu vegetable, you should be able to get spinach or any other simple green vegetable will do.
This video shows you how to make simple healthy seafood okra soup without palm oil.

Seafood okra soup ingredients

1. 20-30 pieces of fresh okra (ladyfingers)
2. 1 big fish (tilapia or mackerel)
3. 20 pieces of fresh shrimps
4. 4 scotch bonnets
5. 1 large onion
6. 4 pieces of dried stockfish
7. 1 handful of ugwu leaf (spinach will do)
8. 2 tablespoons of ground crayfish
9. 2 seasoning cubes
10. 1 medium opkei (traditional spice)
11. Salt to taste

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