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Ingredients for Shami Kabab:

– Boneless Mutton, cut into small pieces – 500 gms

For cooking mutton mix:
– Green Cardamom- 3
– Cloves- 3
– Cinnamon- 1
– Peppercorns- 6
– Mace (Javitri)- 1 small
– Shahjeera- 1/2 tsp
– Bay leaves- 2
– Turmeric Powder- 1/4 tsp
– Coriander Powder- 1/2 tsp
– Red Chillies, cut into pieces- 5
– Ginger Garlic paste- 2 tsp
– Salt- 1 tsp
– Chana Dal (split bengal gram) – 1/2 US cup measure (after soaking 1 US cup measure)
– Oil- 1 tbsp
– Water- 150 ml

Other Ingredients:
– Coriander leaves, fine chopped- 1 tbsp
– Mint leaves, fine chopped- 1 tbsp
– Green Chillies, fine chopped- 1 tbsp
– Oil – 2 tbsp + oil for pan frying the kebabs


– Take a pressure cooker and add the boneless mutton pieces. Add all the other ingredients required for cooking the mutton. Pressure cook till 4 whistles- on high heat till the 1st whistle and on low heat for the balance 3 whistles. This will take around 16-18 mins (In case you don’t have pressure cooker, add all the ingredients in a pan and cook covered on low heat for 45-60 mins till meat and the dal are soft).
– Once the pressure is released, open the lid and high heat for 7-8 mins to dry out any excess water.
– Remove it to a bowl and allow it to cool completely.
– Add the mix to a big grinder/blender jar and grind it to a uniform mixture.

– Transfer the ground kabab mixture to a bowl and add the fine chopped coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chillies.
– Mix it well to incorporate everything uniformly.
– Rub your palms with oil and start forming the kababs. Take out a handful of the mixture and press it with your hands to make it firm.
– Now roll the mixture on your palm to make it round & then press it and shape it into a kabab.
– Repeat it for the rest and set aside on a plate.
– Optionally you can keep it in the refrigerator till you fry it.
– For frying, take a pan and add oil sufficient (about 1 cm) to shallow fry the kababs.
– Heat the oil and place the kababs side by side to not crowd the pan.
– Fry on medium heat for 2 mins till browned on one side. Flip the kababs and fry on medium heat for another 2 mins. Remove onto a plate and repeat for the balance kababs.
– Serve hot with onion rings, green chutney and lemon.

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