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1. Dates Almond milk with Spices

Please check out the highly nutritious, immunity booster, weight gain and brain development milk recipe for kids and toddlers.

2. Sooji Paneer Veggie Chilla

It has a list of ingredients which is super nutritious so a win-win situation for both mommy and kids😊 Guys please do try it lemme know your experience.

3.Pizza Muffins

Highly nutritious, easy to make and you can pput any vegetable of your choice. Guys please do try it lemme know your experience.

4. Bean and Veggie Tacos

The stuffing inside tacos is full of nutritious ingredients. Just a twist in presentation so happy mommy and happy kids.😊 This is suitable from toddlers from 12 months. However stuffing can be offered to babies from 9months. Do try this amazing recipe of tacos for your kids😊

5. Dry-fruits Powder

Dry fruit powder is a protein rich powder. It is essential for baby’s weight and a great immunity booster. Do try this recipe for your kids and let me know your feedback. Thank you❤️

6. Jowar/ Sorghum Upma

Jowar Upma is a super heathy recipe. It is a great way to include millets and whole grains in your diet. It is gluten-free and rich in Protein, Iron and fibre. Do try this recipe for your family and kids. Thank you😊

7. Ragi / Finger Millet with Dates Porridge

Ragi / finger millet is one of the most nutritious grain for babies. It is considered as superfood which is packed with Iron and Calcium.
As ragi is rich in iron so it is best to mix fruits or vegetables which have vitamin C because of which Iron is absorbed easily by baby’s body. You can mix apple, papaya, sweet potato anything.
You can check out this yummy recipe for your baby😊

Their are many porridge and khichdi recipes for babies 6months of age on my channel.Please do check it out😊

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