It was a Summer Day. Just got home from Work. Needed to cook something fast for the ladies of the house. So what did I have?

Change clothes, run to the butcher?

Grab 1lb of top Sirloin sliced thin and equal in Shrimp.

Some fresh rolls from the bakery..

Game on

We are making Surf Turf Sandwiches (SAMIDGS) for the Everyday Guy ?the ladies will just have to like them!

– 1 lb. of Top Sirloin sliced thin on the grain
– 1 lb. of shrimp ? I had the 16-20 count.
– Rolls.
– Cheese ? I had Gouda Tomatoes
– Olive Oil
– Chervil
– Garlic Powder
– Red Onions
– Red Pepper
– Lime (Used for Marinating)
– Lemon (Used for Marinating)

– Cream cheese ? I used Labneh. A yogurt cheese.
– Olives
– Mirin Sauce
– Black Pepper
– Kosher Salt
– Purple Basil
– Mexican Avocado

Simple to put together

(You can watch the videos.. But here it goes)

Season the beef
Easy Salt and black pepper with some Olive Oil
Heat up the grill.

Now let?s prepare the sauce.
Combine all the ingredients together. You can leave it a little chunky if you want.
Now we need to season the Shrimp
Clean them first.
You need lemon, garlic powder, Mirin Sauce, salt and pepper.

Your grill should be hot.

Grill the meat to medium rare, while the onions and red pepper, lime and lemon are on the grill. We eventually will squeeze the juice from the lime and lemon on the shrimp.

Now you are almost ready.

Toss some olive oil on the buns. Place them on a grill to toast.

On the toasted bun, assemble your Samidg!

You are ready to eat. Be careful there will be some drippings!!!!!!



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