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If you are a small specialist in baking, you can always please your family and friends with a delicious homemade pie based on kefir dough.
Such pies are prepared very simply, quickly enough, and there are a huge number of filling options for them: from meat and fish to vegetables and fruits.

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flour 350 g
3 eggs
sugar – 150 g
kefir or yogurt – 200 ml
vegetable oil – 120 ml
salt – 1/5 tsp
baking powder – 10g
cherry pitted – 300 g
icing sugar – 2-3 tablespoons
almonds – 50 g

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A quick cherry pie recipe that’s incredibly simple and delicious. This quick cherry pie recipe is sure to be loved as it is easy and delicious. An incredibly simple recipe for healthy pastries will surprise you with its unique taste, this dish turns out to be incredibly tasty and light. Your family and your loved ones will love this berry pie recipe because it is incredibly tasty and easy.

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