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Sweet And Sour Mango Pickle | Khatta Meetha Aam Ka Achar

500 grams raw mangoes cut into pieces
400 to 500 grams jaggery or u can use sugar depending on sourness of mangoes
1 tsp red chilli powder or flakes
salt to taste
Cardomon pods or u can use cinnamon and cloves to as per ur liking
Ghee or Oil for tempering

Remove the skin of raw mangoes and cut them into slices

Heat ghee in a vessel add the pieces of raw mango….also add red chilli powder salt and cardomon pods

Mix well and cover lid and cook for 4 to 5 minutes on very low flame till the mangoes are little soft

Open and mix it well add grated jaggery keep mixing on low flame till jaggery is melted completely

Cover and cook further till mangoes are almost transparent and the syrup is thickened (1 or 2 string consistency)

1 string would be little flowing
2 strind would be thick syrup (keep the syrup consistency as per ur liking

Open and mix in between after every 5 minutes once syrup is thick remove from heat cool completely

Store in fridge…use clean sterilizd and dried container…. this pickle can use it for upto 3 to 4 months

Relish with roti puri paranthas bread

Do not boil mangoes as this will decrease the shelf life of pickle use it raw in the recipe

U can use cloves cinnamon as well if u like the taste of these spices

The syrup can be kept little flowing (one string consistency) if u like it a little flowing

Use jaggery as per the taste and sourness of raw mangoes

Take care jazak allah khair



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