India is a land of culture and more so, the land of delicious cuisine. Right from the peak of Jammu and Kashmir to the tip of Kanyakumari, India proudly boasts about the plethora of dishes that each cuisine comprises of. The ‘state in focus’ for this piece is Maharashtrian cuisine.

Maharashtra is a beautiful state that embraces the pristine beauty of nature as well as the glittering lights of its urban centres. Besides, Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in this state, you also have other cities like Pune, Nagpur, and Lonavala where you can enjoy Maharashtrian culture. Having said this, the people of Maharashtra are very traditional and are extremely proud of their ethos. Now, you all have heard about the beautiful beaches in Maharashtra, right? But, do you know about the lip-smacking dishes that the state offers?

If you ever feel like eating something spicy and sweet, something that makes your heart skip a beat – Maharashtrian dishes are worth your craving. Right from the bites of Vada Pav to the sips of Keri Panna, there’s a whole lot to relish.



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